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Mrs. Sandra has helped with many private police matters as seen on TV and 2009 Time Magazine as #1 Psychic Reader now offering Readings In Roselle Park ,NJ Mrs. Sandra is a licensed psychic for over 10 years. Mrs. Sandra can help on all matters such as :

Love, Marriage, Career , SoulMate Search, Divorce ,Reuniting lovers.

there is no client To big For mrs Sandra She Can Help You Where Others Have Failed you...  She Will Put You On The Right Path In Life And Direct You There Step By Step.. Mrs Sandra Is Not Only A Psychic But She Is a Psychic Healer And Life Coach... 

Are Your Worried About Your Job?

Will He/She Ever Be Faithful Again?

Are You In The Right Relationship ?

Will Yo Ever Find True Love?

Have You Found YOur Soulmate?

Will YOu ever Get That Promotion You Been Waiting For?

STOP ASKING YOUR SELF and ask a licensed psychic! 

 sandra   has appeared on national television sharing her Psychic Readings. She also has offerd her psychic readings for a few non-profit events for charity Mrs sandra  a God Gifted Psychic she has been helping people find peace, love, and happiness for over 15 Years. Her readings will reveal answers to all of your Questions.Her psychic powers will help solve all problems in Love, Luck, Marriage, Business, Health and much more. She can Reunite Lovers, Stop divorce/Separation. Reveals lovers feelings.all Readings Reveal Past, Present, Future.

 Are You WORRIED, TROUBLED, CONFUSED?Are You HEART BROKEN? Have You Lost the One You most Desire? ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR YOUR SOUL MATE ? Let this Gifted Psychic Predict Your Past, Present, and Future in a Simple Psychic or Tarot Card Reading She has the Answers you need 

Sandra  has known about her intuitive gifts as early as Age 5, although she thought she was no different from anyone else. She thought everyone had this “psychic power” as she did. Her world and life changed however, when – 

At the age of 12 as a guest of a hotel in Hollywood CA, along with her then band mates, the hotel experienced extreme paranormal activity and Sandra was the only person there who could sense the extra sensory behaviors being exhibited. 

It was at that moment she realized that she had this very special gift that had to be honed and shared with others. The intuitive world was her calling and she knew she had to understand what she possessed by seeking further training… and that she did. 

Today Sandra is a Spiritual Healer, Psychic ,natural medium, gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient, astrologer, animal communicator, reiki master & instructor, spiritual guide with angels, totems, meditation, life coach, an all around certified psychic and medium.